Prison service officer first to complete ‘Train the Trainer’ autism awareness program

teachingBedfordshire, England — A prison service officer in Bedfordshire in England was first to complete an autism awareness program called ‘Train the Trainer’— an initiative by non-profit Autism Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire Prison Mental Health Inreach team member Mark Salisbury was the first participant to successfully complete the autism awareness program that aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to properly inform and educate others about autism and how it affects individuals living with the developmental condition.

‘Train the Trainer’ has been created by Autism Bedfordshire in hopes of raising autism awareness within the community. One of the trainers at the program, Mandy Higgs, told:

“We are delighted with the commitment and enthusiasm Mark and HMP Bedford have shown in raising awareness and understanding of autism among their staff members.”

After completing the ‘Train the Trainer’ program, Salisbury carried out an Autism Awareness Level 1 training to colleagues at the Bedfordshire prison.

Prisoners at the facility are now being screened for possible manifestations of autism— and results suggest that around 12 to 21 percent of their total population may have autism— a figure that appears to be in contrast to the national population of prisoners with autism which is currently believed to be only at around seven percent.

Source: Bedfordshire News Bedford prison service team with Autism Bedfordshire to raise awareness