Preteen with autism builds 250 foot railroad at family campsite

Plymouth, WI – A 12 year old boy and his family have recently completed a 250 foot railroad at Plymouth Rock Camping Resort.

The railroad, which was undertaken at Andrew Gray’s family’s summer campsite, was designed by his parents as a project geared towards providing him with an unconventional yet effective form of therapy due to the youngster having Asperger’s syndrome.

Andrew developed a keen interest in both trains and the geographical location of railway stations from a young age which his mother says has increased “exponentially” over time. According to Julie Gray:

“Trains make him comfortable. With this here now, he can talk easier.”

Thus with Andrew at the helm, the family’s ambitious project has taken only 2 weeks to complete and is already up and running. The preteen has now devised a plan to host an open house wherein other residents of the campsite will have the opportunity to learn about railroads and trains, ultimately sharing in Andrew’s lifelong passion for them.

The Grays note that their hope for their son is that he will eventually lead a fulfilling and independent life. From Andrew’s perspective, the future looks equally promising. He hopes to turn his passion into a profession by becoming an engineer or opening his own model train store when he gets older.

The full article by Jane Roberts from Sheboygan Press can be read here.