Press Release – Aspergers Duo Creates Entertaining, Educational Webisodes for Autistic Kids and their Peers

BluebeeKayle Concepts announces their innovative ‘Bluebee TeeVee’ autism education initiative in partnership with Geek Club Books autism storytelling nonprofit and QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community).

NEW YORK – Schools are entering into the era of the inclusion model, where all students—even those with disabilities—learn and participate in the classroom together. And yet, there is still a high percentage of autistic students who are bullied (source) due to the stigmas surrounding autism and public’s lack of understanding. CEO Laura Jiencke of Kayle Concepts, and creator of the Bluetooth®-enabled Bluebee Pals plush toy companions, announced the company’s innovative autism education initiative: Bluebee TeeVee.

Bluebee TeeVee is a series of entertaining webisodes to empower autistic children and educate their non-autistic peers about autism. The videos will focus on friendship, bullying, communication, safety and other important autism-related topics.

“What’s most exciting about this initiative,” said Jiencke, “Bluebee TeeVee will be written, performed and filmed by James Sullivan and Jonathan Murphy, two young men with Aspergers Syndrome. I can’t think of a better way for children to learn about autism than from those who are on the autism spectrum.”

Both Sullivan and Murphy are a part of Geek Club Books, a creative nonprofit that uses storytelling and engaging technologies to educate about autism. Jodi Murphy, the founder and president, will be overseeing Bluebee TeeVee production.

“Each episode will feature James having a chat with a Bluebee Pal—Sammy the bear, Leo the Lion, Lily the Lamb, Winston the dog, or Riley the Zebra—think quirky Mr. Rogers with his Bluebee Pal,” said Murphy.  “Jonathan will be performing the voices for each character. Both James and Jonathan are so talented and funny. Bluebee TeeVee is going to be a great way to captivate kids’ attention and learn that—autism or not—they’re not so different from one another.”

The New York City and Long Island-based nonprofit QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community) will act as content advisors for each script. The organization is also developing episode guides so parents and educators may delve deeper into each topic.

“QSAC has a long and rewarding history of collaborating with others on the development of resources to support the autism community. We are very pleased to be working with Kayle Concepts and Geek Club Books on Bluebee TeeVee as we’re confident it will be a valuable free educational video series for families affected by autism,” said Gary Maffei, QSAC’s Executive Director.

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Bluebee palsAbout Kayle Concepts, Bluebee Pals and the Bluebee Pal Project:

Kayle Concepts, premium toy manufacturer, develops toys that entertain, educate and communicate (E.E.C.). Bluebee Pals combine the cuddly, plush stuffed animal with state-of-the-art technology. These interactive Bluetooth® buddies bring fun to learning and reading. Bluebee TeeVee is a part of the Bluebee Pals project, a program that has donated hundreds of Bluebee Pals to therapists, educators and families with special needs children.

Geel Book ClubAbout Geek Club Books:

Geek Club Books, 501c3 autism charity uses engaging technologies and the art of storytelling to teach the real stories about autism for acceptance in the classroom, on the playground and in the community. Their stories educate the public about the differences of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the challenges they face to foster understanding, respect, and empathy. Their programs empower autistic children, adults and their families by giving them the opportunity to contribute their creative talents and abilities to shine a positive light on autism.


QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community) is a New York City and Long Island based nonprofit that supports children and adults with autism, together with their families, in achieving greater independence, realizing their future potential, and contributing to their communities in a meaningful way by offering person-centered services. QSAC pursues this mission through direct services that provide a supportive and individualized setting for children and adults with autism to improve their communication, socialization, academic, and functional skills.