Poltergiest – I did jump at some of the scenes

PoltergiestFilm and television reviews by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.

Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi (“Spiderman,” “Evil Dead”, “The Grudge”) and director Gil Kenan (“Monster House”) contemporize the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and hold the youngest daughter captive, the family must come together to rescue her before she disappears forever. 

If you have seen the original then I think you know the story. It was the same story with a different family. The little girl must lead the ghosts to the light and someone else goes in her place. It was the first scary movie I’ve seen that I had barely closed my eyes. I did jump at some of the scenes though. What realtor doesn’t tell their client the house was built on an old cemetery and the bodies weren’t moved? Aren’t they supposed to tell you everything? The older girl was a brat but was less of a brat by the end. The hands in the tv were weird. How did no one else in the neighborhood have this problem? This does make me wanna not trust any house with an ancient tree planted in the yard. I don’t believe in ghosts but I’m not trusting an ancient tree. I liked Maddie and Kendra. They were my favorite even though Kendra was a brat who used bad words.

2 stars