Podcast: Tania Marshall: Spotlight on autism in girls and women

Tania Marshall

Tania Marshall

Tania Marshall, Australia – Tania is a best selling author and has worked in the field of child development, child and family psychology for 20 years.

Tania had worked in a variety of roles, including private practice, the private special-needs school environment, and the children’s out-patient environment.

She is the author of I am AspienGirl, a best selling book on the Autistic female profile. She currently divides her time between private practice, writing and research.

Tania works with people on the autism spectrum throughout the lifespan from the age of 2 to 70 years of age with women who display characteristics on the Autism spectrum.

Tania’s work with girls and women on the Autism spectrum is recognized around the world with her book, I am AspienGirl, a book about the Autistic female profile.

Tania has an incredibly powerful story to share about her inspiration for her work with females on the Autism spectrum. Learn more about Tania’s journey from professional to best-selling author, her inspiration, and her recommended autism resources.

Listen to the episode to hear more of Tania’s story.

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