Play About Autism Opens in St. Louis August 8th

St. Louis, MO – the play “The Violinist” has been rebooted with a new plot, cast and crew. It will run at the Gaslight Theatre in the Central West End in St. Louis from Friday August 8th through Sunday August 10th and stars a 13-year-old boy with autism. In this revision the boy,Thomas, must defeat his fears and the villains after him while he uncovers clues left by neuro-biologist Neal Asher who was just murdered before he made a huge breakthrough for autism.  The play was put together by Autism For Action.

“The Violinist” was directed by award-winning Kirsten Wilder who was happy to help the autism group seeing as her nephew is on the spectrum. As she told the

“This story is thrilling and inspirational and the actors are some of the best in St. Louis.” 

Along with Autism for Action, the play was written and produced by Susan Berardi whose son has autism. She hopes the play will open audiences eyes to lives of people with autism.

“In the end, I want to give these children a voice,”

A new musical score will be played by a live string quartet and an original song was written by Hollywood composer Bryan Arata of “Spiderman 3”, “Live Free or Die Hard”, and “Shooter.” All ticket proceeds to go St. Louis based charity Autism for Action. 

 More information about the play can be found on The Violinist website here

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