Pixels: Would watch it again if I need to laugh at something

pixels_pacmanFilm and television reviews by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.

When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games.

I thought this movie was funny. I loved Adam Sandler and Josh Gad. 80’s video games try to take over the world and only champions can defeat them. I’m not sure if it would be fun or scary or both if they actually showed up. It sound like it would be fun to be a part of a video game but I’m not liking the part where we could actually get hurt. Q bert was so adorable I just wanted to hug him. Pac man was cute looking for like five minutes and then not so much. I thought it was cool that they stuffed so many old video games in there like Mario and Frogger. I liked the Wookie mask Kevin James wore. It was cool that they had it in the movie. I’m not really sure how I would feel coming face to face with a giant video game character such as Pac man or the Centipede. The end was a bit unusual and strange. I’m not really sure which game would scare me the most. I have a feeling it would be Donkey Kong because it’s an angry monkey throwing things at you. My favorite part is the centipede stops to do an exercise tape with an old lady. I would watch it again if I need to laugh at something. This was a goody comedy movie.

5 stars