Peter Capaldi sends heartwarming video message to young autistic boy whose grandmother has recently died

Peter Capaldi, image captured from YouTube, Ross Goodall

Peter Capaldi, image captured from YouTube, Ross Goodall

North Baddesley, England – Here at Autism Daily Newscast we are big fans of Peter Capaldi, the actor who plays the tv time traveling character, Dr Who. Back in March we reported on the story of how Mr Capaldi took time out on set to chat and be photographed with a young autistic girl. This story can be read here.

It has now come to light that Mr Capaldi has now reached out to another young child who is on the autistic spectrum. On Thursday Nov. 6, Ross Goodall uploaded a video message from Mr Capaldi  onto YouTube for family and friends to view. In just 48 hours it had gone viral with over  200,000 views.

Mr Goodall’s mother had recently passed away, His  son Thomas 9, who has autism, grieving for his grandmother, sent a letter to Dr Who, the contents of which we don’t know, and this resulted in Mr Capaldi sending this video message prior to the funeral.

Mr Goodall has since told of how this video message has helped his son, “to deal with his grief in a profound way”. He states on the YouTube page:

“A lovely message from Peter Capaldi to my 9 year old autistic son. This arrived just before Thomas’ nanny’s funeral and helped him to deal with his grief in a profound way. Thankyou Peter so much.”

Mr Capaldi says during the 42 second video message:

“Sometimes sad things happen to us… so it’s nice to know that here’s somebody out there who’s on our side…”

He ends by looking directky inti the camera and saying:

“So you look after yourself, take care and be happy.”