Perfect Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones A Fair Price

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sennheiser HD280 Pro are closed-back headphones designed to be sturdy and provide great experience with high quality of sound. They have big earpieces that will cover your ears entirely when you wear them and provide complete sense of isolation when you are hearing music. They are over-the-head headphones and thus have been designed ergonomically to be comfortable and easily operable. They are lightweight so you won’t be feeling much weight on your head if you are wearing them for long time. A long cord lets you hear your favorite music on your computer even when you are lying in your bed.

They are completely made of plastic but still sturdy enough to give you a sense of longevity when you use them. Currently available in black color they have been decorated and purposefully designed with the help of leatherette earpieces and headband for targeting the aspects such as looks and comfort. Earpieces are cup shaped and completely enclose your ears in them so you will not hear anything from the surroundings and people around you won’t be able to hear what you are listening to. This is a great feature for autistic people since they can play the same song over and over for their liking but people around them won’t be hearing any sound.


The design of this headset is perfect when it comes to portability. Even though it will look big on the first glance but when you fold them you are ready to take them with you with ease. The cord is connected to the headphones permanently so you won’t be able to detach is completely. Size of the headband can be adjusted and an increased inside curve made by earpieces allows the headphones to stay on your head without falling and slipping all the time. The fully padded headband and earpieces make them ideal for autistic people since the irritation from unpadded headphones can a big concern for such people.

Expert reviews given by hundreds of experts online and from around the world have proved that they are loud headphones. Their sound is loud and for the good of quality of sound they produce they are being used by many DJs and professional music makers as well. Swivel feature of the earpieces is a great aspect allowing the headphones to adjust according to the size and shape of any user’s head. The 64-ohm headphones have been admired for their performance with portable devices such as mp3 players, iPods and smartphones.

The 10-foot coiled cable should allow you to move about easily while hearing songs and wearing these headphones. They are coming with 2-year warranty on service and support so you should have the peace of mind after buying them for at least 2 years. These headphones also have a collapsible design so they can be taken anywhere easily.

The only drawback in these headphones is probably their extremely closed cup design that can be suffocating for your ears and you will soon notice that effect when you wear the headphones for a couple of hours.