Parents fight for disabled toilets in Crawley

disabled toiletCrawley, UK – There is a lack of changing facilities in Crawley Dave Comeau reports for Crawley News. This means that parents who have autistic children have to change their nappies on dirty toilet floors.

The article goes on to report that a group of parents from Crawley have now called upon Crawley Borough Council to introduce changing facilities suitable for older children and adults with learning difficulties.

Parent, Maria Hughes, told the paper:

“If you do need to lay them down you are forced to lay their head next to the toilet bowl on public toilet floors, which are often wet or covered in wee.”

She then adds:

“Miles was so big we were unable to use the changing tables from a very young age. It’s just unacceptable.”

Maria Box, Crawley Autism Support founder is in talks with local councillors about improving facilities.

Ms Hughes is also calling for Crawley Borough Council to add information about gaining ‘radar keys’ for accessing disabled toilets to its website. She said that she had not heard of then until she was told about them in a support group.

Ms Hughes also wants to raise awareness of autistic spectrum disorders.

“We were at the K2 swimming pool and he got so distressed he stripped naked and ran around the pool. People just stared.”

She then adds that “people who understand and recognise autism are quite rare”.

A council spokesman is quoted as saying:

“There are no plans to upgrade the existing disabled toilet facilities in the town.”

The original article by Dave Comeau in the Crawley News can be found here