Paralysed Dog Brings Comfort to Autistic Children


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 Tampa, Florida – Sandy Lewers 55, adopts paralysed dog from Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Sandy told ABC News reporter Ben Gittleson that she had no intention of buying a dog when she went to the shelter but that when she saw Willie the dachshund her heart melted.

Willie was discovered by a staff member from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in a box near some bins near their building. The dog was paralysed from the tail, hindquarters and waist down.

Willie now brings comfort to Sandy’s 2 children Kevin, 21, and Lia, 18 who are both autistic.

Sandy told ABC News

“We have two autistic kids, and I have a dog who was in a wheelchair, so I was ready for it,”

Sandy also has 3 other dachshunds.

Willie has been learning to walk with the help of a wheelchair which is specially made for dogs.

Sherry Silk, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay told ABC News that is it is very uncommon for a dog found in a bin like Willie to make it to such a loving home so quickly.

Sandy tells if how Willie has helped her children and in particular her daughter.

“It has helped our daughter overcome some seriously sensory issues she had.”

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