Ohio based company hires adults on the autism spectrum.

lettuce New Albany, Ohio -A 501(c)(3) non-profit is hiring adults on the autism spectrum. Lettuce Work, a company run by Julie Sharp and her husband, aims to employ and teach job skills to autistic adults who often have a hard time finding gainful employment.

The Sharps came up with the idea when their son, whose now 13, was first diagnosed with autism. Julie Sharp told NPR news affiliate WOSU:

“In terms of employment, it’s a pretty grim picture. And we thought, you know, we wanted to have something where he could work and other people, as well; and maybe learn some of those skills that they need for employability, and or to just have a job,”LettuceWork

Most jobs offered at the hydroponic lettuce company often entail washing and drying lettuce leaves and other employment enriching tasks.

Lettuce Work has been hiring for the past two months and currently employs two adults on the autism spectrum. They have five employees total. The company hopes to hire more as it expands.

Lettuce Work is now part of the Kroger Community Rewards program. Simply register your Kroger Plus card and designate Lettuce Work as your charity.. To find out more about Lettuce Works visit their website at http://www.lettucework.org

To learn more read the original article by Mandie Trimble on the WOSU.com website here