North American companies seek employees with autism

Delaware, US – SAP is a software company that is searching for candidates who are on the autistic spectrum. They are advertising positions that require serious attention to detail such as debugging, testing software, and assigning customer-service queries.

SAP’s goal is to have 650 employees world wide who are autistic by the year 2020. In June, 2013 Autism Daily Newscast reported on SAP in Germany that they had established a goal of at least one percent of their worldwide workforce which is 65,000, by 2020. In November, we profiled Specialisterne a Danish company owned by SAP announce they were expanding into Canada. Specialisterne are directly involved in screening, training and support of candidates on the spectrum.

Liberty Voice reports that Jose Velasco, head of the autism initiative at SAP in the U.S., said that there are many benefits of hiring individuals with autism. They will bring a new perspective to work. He also said that the structured nature that many autistic individuals have will be of benefit to the company.

Freddie Mac, a U.S. mortgage lender will also be hiring individuals with autism.They have partnered with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, and are advertising for full-time paid internships. The areas include finance, data services, and IT.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell wants to improve the rate at which individuals with disabilities get jobs.

Governor Markell said:

“One of the most exciting things about the last year was talking to so many businesses who have told us that they employee people with disabilities not because it’s charity, but because it’s in the best interest of their shareholders.”

In Canada, the 2014 budget commits $11.4 million over four years to support vocational training for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism Daily Newscast reported on  Meticulon, a Calgary based company works with people with autism to help then find work.

CEO Garth Johnson says:

“They’re going to get people that are extremely diligent, extremely accurate, and precise, capable of high degrees of focus. Very low turnover — our people do not like change and so they will be very, very loyal. Very, very focused,”