Non-profit organization provides adults on the spectrum with valuable job opportunities

Image taken from Facebook

Image taken from Facebook

Secaucus, NJ – A local non-profit organization is providing individuals on the spectrum with the opportunity to secure employment and gain valuable work experience.

Spectrum Works is a Secaucus-based organization that has partnered with Green Distributors, a garment screening company that produces concert t-shirts and sports jerseys. Founded in 2011 and funded with the support of private donors, the organization utilizes the facilities and expertise provided by Green Distributors’ personnel to operate efficiently.

With 14 employees on its payroll, the organization has successfully created an avenue through which individuals can use their strengths and abilities to work, be financially independent and engage in their communities. Studies indicate that at least 80% of all adults with Autism Soectrum Disorder (ASD) have difficulty obtaining jobs due to impaired social and communication skills and are subsequently either unemployed or underemployed.

However medical professionals generally agree that individuals with autism can and do thrive when working in a structured environment. Ultimately, despite the challenges that can arise in a fledgling operation of this nature, those running the organization are keen to point out that Spectrum is a legitimate, professional operation and not a “camp”. Organizers further note that they eventually plan to offer employees permanent full-time positions by transferring successful candidates to Green Distributors’ workforce.

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