New study finds parenting girls with autism more stressful

Los Angelas, CA – A new study shows raising a girl on the spectrum is more stressful for the parents. The study was conducted by Irina Zamora, Eliza K. Harley, Shulamite A. Green, Kathryn Smith, Michele D. Kipke and was published in the open access journal Autism Research and Treatment.

News outlet recently reported that 1 in every 49 boys is diagnosed with autism while only 1 in every 189 girls is. Some research suggests that autism may present itself a little differently in girls, making it harder to properly diagnose them.

The study predicted that raising girls on the spectrum would more stressful. After reaching to families on the spectrum, researchers found that parents raising girls are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, somatic complaints, isolation, and burnout. This is due to a lot of factors such as having trouble getting the services they need, getting an accurate diagnosis, and access to early intervention.

Early intervention can quite literally make or break a child with autism’s educational success by providing them with the necessary learning tools before they enter school. However, gaining access to EI depends on getting a proper diagnosis, something the study found to be harder for girls, which in tern makes things harder her parents. says that more research needs to be completed to fully isolate the challenges of raising a girl on the spectrum.

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead.

Source: Lee Wilkinson on the website: Parenting Stress Higher for Girls with Autism