New census report in Philadelphia shows increased need for autism services

Harrisburg, PA — A new census report for Philadelphia was recently  released and shows that the need for autism services in the state rose dramatically.

The number of individuals on the spectrum already receiving services since 2005 has since tripled, but the report estimates that more individuals with autism may not have been included in the census yet.

The census report also showed that there was also an increase in the number of juveniles with autism who came into contact with the local authorities.

As the number of children diagnosed with autism steadily increased in the past decade, the report stated that more planning needs to be done as these children near adulthood. According to the report:

“There is a need to plan for the thousands of children with autism who are already transitioning into adulthood. The current funding level will serve only a fraction of the adults with autism who currently and will, in the future, require support.”

The report also highlights the fact that adults on the autistic spectrum have a higher rate of both medical and psychiatric comorbidities than adults who are not on the spectrum, and call for services and support to be offered to these individuals during their lifespan.

The original article by Alex Zimmerman on the Pittsburgh City Paper can be read here