Music for Autism – a safe place for children to enjoy music and feel free

Music for AutismMusic for Autism – is a nonprofit organisation that uses song and dance to give autistic children and their parents a place to enjoy music and feel free.

Dr. Robert Accordino who specializes in child psychiatry and Founder of “Music for Autism” in the United States said:

“What you hear time and time again by these families is how isolating autism is, that there are so few experiences where these families feel welcome,”

Dr Accordino added that they break the wall down between performers and the audience and that this is unique.

The program based in New York is now also offered in Houston, Los Angeles, Washington and across New York state, serving about 2,500 autistic children and their families.

John Sugden, a parent of an autistic child said:

“They can do whatever they want. Nobody is looking at you. They’re typical in this environment.”

Stacy Nankoo, whose child is autistic added:

“Nobody is judging them. They’re just walking and dancing and doing their own thing,”

Events are free for families thanks to donations.

The original story by Rob Nelson on the abc 7 News website can be read here with video.

The Music for Autism website can be found here