Mum spends 50 hours locked in glass box for autism awareness

image taken from Faceboook

image taken from Faceboook

Stoke-On-Trent, UK – 40-year-old mother of 3, Ally Nicklin  spent last weekend in Tesco, however she was not doing the weekly shop. She was encased in a large glass box for a total of 50 hours. This was done to raise autism awareness and money for Caudwell Children a registered charity that support families with disabled children.

Ally was inspired to to raise awareness in this creative manner by son Adam, 10 who has autism. He was diagnosed aged 3.

Every two hours, Ally was allowed a break of five minutes. She told The Sentinel that she wanted to pay back Cauldwell Children for the help and support that they had offered her and her son. She further added:

“I have firsthand knowledge living with the condition, so I know what lots of parents are going through.

“Living in the box is a significant message. I will be out in a public place and people will be able to see me from he box which was supplied by all directions, but I’m still isolated, so it is more difficult to communicate.”

The box which was supplied by UK Windows Systems measured 3 metres by 2 metres.

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