MSU swimmer and science undergrad plan to research autism

researchEast Lansing, MI – An MSU student and a triplet brother of a young adult with autism plan to embark on a career dedicated to understanding the human brain, in the hope of developing a method to treat the disorder.

David Zoltowski, a 22 year old Rhodes Scholarship finalist and swimming champion, has dreams of completing his doctorate and eventually dedicating his career to helping individuals with disabilities and developmental disorders. Zoltowski’s triplet brother Matthew, was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2 and is considered to be on the lower end of the autism spectrum.

However he and his sister Alisa, a biospsychology student, have endeavored to use their personal experience and natural aptitude in science to provide support for Matthew and potentially help those who have the baffling disorder.

David has therefore taken advantage of his years as an undergrad to research algorithms concerning the brain in order to improve science’s current understanding of it. The dedicated student has not only made strides in science but has also made his mark in his athletic pursuits as well after setting a record in the 400 individual medley while in his sophomore year. However Zoltowski’s focus remains on his academic goals. He states:

“The end goal here is to help people with developmental disorders. To improve their lives.”

Source: Joe Rexrode on The Lansing State Journal website: MSU swimmer is Rhodes finalist, researching autism