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May 24, 2014

Ontario Provincial Parliament, Queens Park, TorontoQueen’s Park, Toronto,  Canada – Linda Murphy arrived unannounced at Queen’s Park the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to secure a group home spot for her autistic adult daughter. She has been fighting for a place in a group home for 7 years.

Linda’s daughter, Ashley Corbett,20 has an IQ of 40. Linda told The Star:

“Physically, my body just can’t take care of her anymore,”

She then added:

“She can go to bed at 10 p.m., but she’s putting around, she sometimes gets out of the room. She knows how to use the stove, but she’s not careful — she could burn the house down if I didn’t turn the stove off at the circuit breaker every night.”

Linda told that her daughter has been on the list for a group home for seven years and that she was offered no funding or programs for her daughter.

Therefore Linda decided to drive from her home 50 km north of Toronto to meet with someone at the ministry.

When Linda did show up unannounced at the Ministry of Community and Social Services offices, she met with Assistant Deputy Minister Karen Chan and secured emergency funding. However, the temporary spot in the group home is only for 30 days.

The original and full article by Joel Eastwood on website an be found here

Autism Daily Newscast reported on a similar situation in Ottawa, Ontario where a mother was reported to police as a case of abandonment because she left  her son on the doorsteps of the office of Developmental Services Ontario that is responsible for adult developmental services. She no longer could cope and feared for her own and her son’s safety. Again temporary arrangements were made but no permanent spot was secured.

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