Mother Arranges Surpsise Flash Mob for Her Young Autistic Son’s Birthday

Subang Jaya, Malaysia – Sehnjeev Kumar, 1o who has Asperger’s Syndrome received a surprise flash mob for his birthday, arranged by his mother, R. Maynicca Devi.

The Star Online reports that a group of his friends and family members performed dance routines for him at a shopping mall.

Sehnjeev also joined the group for a dance. He said:

“I am very excited and happy. Mum kept (it) a surprise,”

R. Maynicca Devi said that she wanted to do something different for his birthday.

“He loves flash mob and watches it on YouTube. We thought it would be a good idea to surprise him with one for his birthday.”

She also added that she wanted Sehnjeev to know that there was nothing he could not achieve despite his condition.

“He is a very imaginative boy and has even taken part in television commercials. He was unable to speak until he was five but that did not stop him,”

Sehnjeev attends a school for special children and was bullied while he attended a national school. His mother explained that when he was bullied because of his condition he just smiled as he thought they were just wrestling with him.

“When people laughed at him, he thought they were laughing with him. More awareness is needed on children with autism and Asperger’s. More programmes should be carried out to help them achieve their true potential,”

The original article by Florence A. Samy can be read on The Star Online website here