Mother accused of attempted murder of autistic daughter wants to write parenting book

kelli stapletonTraverse City, Michigan – A mother who stands accused of trying to murder her 14 year old autistic daughter and then trying to kill herself has admitted she wants to write a parenting book for parents with autistic children.

Autism Daily Newscast reported the harrowing story of Kelli Stapleton on September 6. Ms Stapleton, 45 was found unconscious with her daughter in their motor home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and remains on bail awaiting trial.

Her wishes were communicated by attorney Brian Johnson, of Dingeman, Dancer and Christopherson who said that she wished to write a book for other parents regarding the difficulties that she had encountered whilst trying to get services and help for her daughter.

Stapleton is facing attempted murder charges after police said she lit two charcoal grills in her van and locked the doors.

Her next court date has not yet been set.