Moscow hosts forum on autism

International Forum Every Child Deserves a Family is being held from October 14-17th in Moscow, Russia. This is the second annual event. The topic of this year’s forum is “Autism: Effective methods of providing assistance to people with autism spectrum disorders. Experience in Russia and abroad”.

It is expected to be attended by more than 400 international experts and Russian specialists, representatives from ministries and state authorities, NGO workers, parents and journalists.  Attendees will be coing from a half a dozen countries and more than 40 different cities across Russia.

The forum is sponsored by The Naked Heart Foundation which was established in 2004, by Natalia Vodianova.  According to the web site:

“Spurred into action by the Beslan tragedy, Natalia founded the charity with an aim to construct modern play parks in urban areas of Russia. The experience of disability in Natalia’s own family later prompted the development of a new programme entitled Every Child Deserves a Family in 2011.”

More information about The Naked Heart Foundation can be found on their website: