Montana mothers speak up for elimination diets to ease autism symptoms

Great Falls, MT – Two Montana mothers have spoken up for the use of elimination diets to ease the symptoms of autism.

Kim Rice and Kim Martin both spoke to KBZK news, they both have children with autism. They adjusted the diets of both their children by gutting out knon allergens such as Gluten found in wheat products, and lactose, a sugar found in dairy products.

Both mothers found that there were marked improvements especially with the children’s speech.

Nursing program Director Kim Martin said:

“The difference we saw in my child was phenomenal. Cognitively, behaviorally, sleep patterns were better, behavior was better, she didn’t have as many meltdowns, she was more ‘with us’.Her speech pattern went from three words to five words then she was putting in three to five sentences together which was something she had never done before.”

Ms Rice said:

“He has graduated from his special ed program at school, so he’s mainstreamed with no assistance, doing awesome,I would say within six months, for all practical purposes, he appeared recovered.”