Moms Across America Appeal to Monsanto

The organization Moms Across America is appealing to Hugh Grant, Monsanto board members and staff regarding the use of GMOs and pesticides in foods. In an open letter to the corporation, the organization explains how so many families across the country have seen improvements in their children’s health when foods containing GMOs were eliminated from their diet. Consumption of foods containing GMOs has been linked to various health problems, including infertility, ADHD, autism, and cancer. The organization is also organizing parades across the country on July 4 to further their cause.

GMOs are genetically modified seeds that have been developed by corporations like Monsanto. These modified seeds were meant to be resistant to pests and other environmental hazards which can affect the crop yields, which would in turn lead to a reduced need for pesticides and other toxins.

The Moms Across America website lists several studies that suggest that this strategy has failed, and that the genetically modified plants actually require more pesticides than regular plants. Over 80% of processed foods in the United States contain GMOs. This number is much lower in Europe, where foods containing GMOs are labeled.

The letter describes the disturbing rates of childhood illnesses, including food allergies, autism, ADHD, and obesity, and how these disorders are rising at an alarming rate in the United States. The letter goes on to describe how many parents across the country saw significant improvement in their children’s symptoms when they switched to an organic diet free of GMOs.

Earlier this year, President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act, which protects the company from lawsuits in the event that GMOs are scientifically proven to cause physical illness. The bill was written by Sen. Roy Blunt, who received over $64,000 in campaign funds from the company between 2008 and 2012. This provision was attached to another appropriations bill, and many members of Congress were unaware that it was part of the larger bill that they were voting on. Many Americans find it disturbing that this bill, which was written by Monsanto executives, was signed into law in a way that comes across as sneaky and rather dishonest.

The tone of the Moms Across America letter is less accusatory. The Moms appeal to Monsanto, acknowledging that their intention in the use of GMOs was not to do harm, but was in fact meant to produce enough food to feed the world. While this is a noble goal, the letter argues that this strategy is not working, and that it is time to admit defeat and start looking for another way. Monsanto executives claim that there is no scientific evidence of harm from the consumption of foods containing GMOs.

The parades are being organized in 156 different cities around the country to bring awareness to the issue. Members will pass out flyers, decals, and brochures with educational information and tips on healthy eating.

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