Mom teams up with bikers to raise funds for autism – w/video

bikerLee County, Ala. — A mother of a child with autism has been taking strides trying to raising funds in hopes of helping find a cure for autism.

When Luanne Helms first found out that her son, Jake, has autism, she scoured the internet to find out everything about the developmental disorder, hoping to find a cure. But what she found offered little promise. It devastated her. She told:

“I didn’t accept that, that wasn’t going to be our future, and it hasn’t been Jake has meet and exceeded all my expectations.”

Since then, Helms decided that she would do everything she can to help try to find a cure for autism. She started initiating fundraising activities for her newfound advocacy, including a motorcycle benefit ride. According to Helms:

“People were like, ‘if you have 10 bikes in attendance you have done well.’ Our first year we had 89 bikes riding, and about 600 people in attendance.”

Bike riders like the Rough and Tough Motorcycle Riders were more than happy to take part in Helms’ fundraisers. One of the club’s members, Tony Downing, said they have no hesitation in showing people their softer side by supporting children with autism through the fundraisers. He told:

“These kids with autism are just warriors, a lot of people think that guys on bikes are warrior…it’s these kids.”

This month, the Rough and Tough Motorcycle Riders will once more roll down the streets of Lee County and the rest of East Alabama for a benefit ride called ‘Angels Riding for Autism’.

According to Helms, it only takes one person to make a difference. She told:

“Somebody, I am somebody. So somebody can do it.”

Source: wrblaknight: Bikers team up with mother for autism