Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Form Global Organization – Fighting for Autism

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI– Mixed Martial Arts fighters from around the word are promoting Autism Spectrum Disorders by holding fight events. Fighting For Autism is a worldwide organization looking to make a global impact.

Not only is there a local presence in all the communities which hold events, Fighting for Autism has a worldwide presence.  Its headquarters are in Sydney, Australia with operational sites in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Pacific Islands, European and the Unites States. Headquarters for the United States I found in St Louis.

Founder and President, Christian Mitchell oversees operations from Sydney.  The United States operations are led by Brian Higginbotham, a longe time Missouri fight official and judge. All of these global sites work together with the hope of raising awareness and making a global impact on Autism. Higginbotham says,

“Outlets like Knuckle Junkies and those involved in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community are what we need to be able to continue educating people on the facts about autism”

Around the globe members of Fighting for Autism are referred to as “Fighter Ambassadors“.  These ambassadors include high level professional and amateur athletes who bring awareness of autism to the public eye.

Fighting for Autism initiatives as well as programs are in a constant state of evolvement providing the most beneficial impact to the organizations world wide mission of enhancing the quality of life for those persons with autism spectrum disorders.

Some of their programs include Mentor Programs, Anti-Bullying Initiative, Autism Friendly Training Program, Awareness and Acceptance Initiative, Technology Initiative and  Fundraising Initiatives.

One of their new initiatives is the Tablet Technology Initiative. The program encourages families to sell 20 Fight For Autism t-shits and each family will be sent a free Kindle Fire HD tablet and the proceeds go back to the Autism community.

Most children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are diagnosed around the age of three when it becomes apparent there is something different in their learning, social and behavioral development. Higginbotham adds,

 “Tablets are huge for both educational and therapeutic use with all ages but particularly effective with children ages three to five years old and they are easy to navigate.”

To connect, follow and support Fighting for Autism, via their website and find them on both Facebook  and Twitter though @FightforAutism. Media, donor and sponsor inquiries can contact Brian Higginbotham, Managing Director of US Operations at (636)466-3376 or via email at brian.higginbotham@live.com.

The original article by Debo, on the Knuckle Junkies website can be read here