Missing man with Aspergers may not want to be found

Luis Araud

Luis Araud

Dallas, Texas – Luis Araud now missing for almost 5 days.

Police from the neighboring of Irving actual spoke with missing 28 year old  Luis Araud without realizing he was had been reported missing. After a few minutes of talking with the man who did not respond, he ran off into a field. This was on Monday afternoon; two days after Araud left his home in Bedford and went missing. He had been upset about after an argument with his parents and appears to have left on purpose. This was the first time he has run away from home.

Speaking to NBC5 Dallas Fort-Worth, Araud’s stepfather, Luke Vermeulen, said.

“Luigi, come home if you can. If you can’t, let us know where you’re at, please. We understand what you’re feeling. We’ll try and work out whatever we can work out. We’re just concerned.”

 While the motives of Araud remain unknown, it is not uncommon for those on the autism spectrum to be wary or fearful of those they do not know as well as concerns over “being in trouble”.