Milford autism center to acquire larger premises

Milford, OH – A local autism center will be closing down in order to open a larger facility specifically designed to accommodate young adults on the spectrum.

Julie Smith, founder of the center, recently decided to shut its doors when she realized that it was no longer able to meet the needs of the individuals that were using it. Smith, the mother of an adult son with the disorder, subsequently opted to create a space where those who were over the age of 18 could make use of the services and programs the facility provided.

As a result the center, which saw attendance of families seeking advice, support and resources treble since it opened its doors a mere decade ago, will shift its focus by providing children like Smith’s son with the tools and information to potentially live more independently. She asserts:

 “Luke will be living with use probably forever which is what scares me. I’m not going to live forever. I want there to be safety nets out there.”

Although organizers will continue hosting events for those who have attended the center over the years, Smith and other staff members are currently searching for a larger property to renovate and specially design in the next two years.

 Source: Anne Saker on the website: Autism center in Milford closes, but big plans ahead