Mike Brannigan, An Autistic High Schooler from Long Island Runs 5K in 15 Minutes

Mike Brannigan from Long Island, New York is currently in High School and will be running in the Nike Cross National in Portland, Oregon, after he ran a 5k run in 15 minute, 29.9 seconds.

Mike was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months and his family told Business Insider that he was non-verbal, hyperactive and tactile defensive during the early years.

In 2005 Mike joined the Rolling Thunder Special Needs Running Program which is a non-profit organisation that works with disabled children.

In 2011 his family wrote in a blog that running had completely changed his life:

“His academics began to skyrocket during the first two years of running with Rolling Thunder and have increased dramatically ever since.”

Mike narrowly missed out on the course record. He does hope however to finish in the top five in the country.

Mike is quoted sating about his 5k race victory:

“I just wanted to work hard and make them tired until they didn’t have anything for the last mile.”

You can read the original article by Business Insider here