Microwaves appear to cause autism and more

For a while now, the controversial subject of whether microwaves emitted are harmful to human health has persisted without much clarity coming from any end. The telecom and electronics industry are riding high on these micro-waves and refuse to acknowledge research by rubbishing them as inadequate, flawed or too short. The public continues to rely on these extremely convenient yet potentially lethal gadgets that are becoming more integrated into our lives than ever before.

So what is the truth? Are these radio frequencies really harmful? Here is some light on the issue.

The CDC published a toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners on March 7, 2013 which clearly states that studies conducted on men to assess infertility showed reduced sperm motility which is associated with increment in use of mobile phones along with other biological effects related to radio frequency exposure. Oxidative stress, the process by which aging takes place, is hypothesized as the possible mechanism for damage due to radio frequency exposure. Simplifying the fact of the matter; our brain works anywhere between 2-50 Hz frequency depending on alertness, sleep, etc while our electromagnetically connected mobile phones, internet and WI-Fi enabled devices operate between 300-3000 Megahertz (MHz). The difference is significant, stark and discomforting. That kind of exposure everyday for years together can be dangerous.

The exposure of mercury in phones, silver fillings in our teeth, etc to these harmful invisible radiations can cause damage to the ears and eyes, the most vulnerable sense organs of our body. In fact, research has proven that microwave radiation can cause birth defects like Down’s syndrome and even autism. Since the waves can penetrate the protective placental barrier of the mother, they can react and damage the still developing embryo and fetus right inside the womb. The waves also increase cell division, which is basically what is happening inside a womb, meaning direct damage to the fetus.     Small children are more vulnerable than adults as their thinner skulls expose them to more absorption of radiation and greater genetic damage. The microwaves affect cell physiology, enzymes, the way our body reacts to environmental stimuli, aging and cell death, memory, attention and concentration, fertility and sperm count, to name a few. They can cause permanent neural damage, damage to liver, kidneys and cell DNA.

The safety levels have been redefined by the government, lobbyists, lawyers and industry bigwigs to suit their needs, which many argue is profit. The micro-waves initially meant only to be used by the military for intelligence purposes and as defense material has spread its wings to engulf each and every one of us.

The air over the matter is so unclear in the media that the media often chooses to not comment on it at all.

Who is suffering in the bargain? Only the average mother/family/child.  It is necessary that we arm ourselves with knowledge, research and data and choose wisely in this battle for health and well being of ourselves and our families. It is imperative to look beyond what the papers and T.V says and dig up and decide for ourselves.