Marcus Bartlett’s Drawing of an Anique Hoover Sparks Global Campaign

Artwork credit, Marcus Bartlett

Artwork credit, Marcus Bartlett

Montana – Marcus Bartlett who is autistic attends Missoula Sentinel High School and started drawing pictures of vacuums in his media arts class. Marcus is very fond of vacuum cleaners and Hoover.

His drawing of an antique Hoover vacuum is hanging on refrigerators and walls all over the world.

Hoover have now launched a global campaign for people to display Marcus’s drawing everywhere.

Teacher Kathy Howlett told of how beautiful his artwork is and that she thought somebody should see this at Hoover. So she and Marcus wrote a letter to Hoover and sent four drawings.

After Hoover received the artwork they posted a YouTube video on their channel which can be viewed below

Hoover social media manger Andy Netzel says in the video, “We thought it was great,”

hooverHoover state on their Facebook page:

“Will you help do something awesome for a young man affected by autism?
Marcus sent us an amazing picture of one of our vacuums. We were thrilled. Now we’d like to thrill him, but we need your help to make it happen.”

They are asking people to download the PDF and to then print out the picture and to hang it somewhere that Marcus would like. They are also asking for people to share the picture across various social media sites and to take a photograph of where it is displayed.

More information can be found on the Hoover website here