Man with autism in court after arsenal of firearms found in home

firearmsBlackpool, England – A man with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is currently in court facing charges after law enforcement officials found an arsenal of firearms and ammunition in his home.

Neil Incorvaya, a 48 year old Marton resident, was known to be a hoarder who had over 50 vehicles, cellular phones and other collectibles when police raided his Devona avenue home in February of 2014. Law enforcement officials had previously been tipped off regarding Incorvaya’s gun collection after his colleague at a local community service program visited the accused’s home and was shown the arsenal.

The co-worker immediately notified staff at the community program resulting in the police raiding the home shortly thereafter. While the defence readily admits to Incorvaya’s culpability, they argue that he should be spared the mandatory 5 year prison sentence that is typically imposed in such cases due to his disorder. The accused has what his defence team referred to as a “compulsion to collect” which is a common trait amongst those on the spectrum.

The defence further argued that Incorvaya is in need of medical intervention and that the charges and subsequent trial have been distressing to his family. Sentencing will be taking place in May while the court awaits a report form an autism specialist.

Source: The Blackpool Gazette: Autism led man to ‘hoard’ guns