October 23, 2014

Sarah Beydoun, image taken from Facebook

BEIRUT – Sarah’s Bag, has started a social media campaign advocating the Lebanese Autism Society.  Sarah Beydoun, the founder of Sarah’s Bag has been looking for new ways to support the Lebanese Autism Society.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has inspired her to start an online social media campaign.  People choose to nominate others via social media who can then choose to either participates in the up coming Beirut Marathon, held on November 9 or donate what they can to the Lebanese Autism Society.

 Beydoun posted a photo of herself on Instagram and Facebook, holding a paper that read:

“Sarah’s Bag is ready to run [and] crowd fund for the Lebanese Autism Society.”

She has accepted to run the 10 kilometer marathon. Many Lebanese companies are donating 5 per cent of their sales between October 10 and November 10.

Raising money and spreading awareness is one of the  goals, along with the hope of providing the Lebanese Autism Society with $120,ooo. You can make an online donation for the Lebanese Autism Society or send a bank transfer by following this link.

 The original article by Edy Semaan on The Daily Star Lebanon can be read here







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