Little Girl Makes Friendship Bracelets for Autism Awareness

Lexiy Laramey from Facebook

Lexiy Laramey from Facebook

Midland, Simcoe County, Canada – Lexiy Laramey, 7 is on a mission to raise autism awareness.

Travis Mealing on the Simcoe County website reports that the little girl decided that more autism awareness was needed when her mother Zabrina Woodman and her fiancé took their seven children to the Hurons Gymnastics Club. Once there they needed to fill out some paperwork before the childeen could play.

Their son Andrew Pittman, 4 who has undiagnosed autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder did not respond well to this.

Zabrina said that he started to throw a temper tantrum and that:

“There was just too much commotion, especially in a small space. He has big sensory issues with that.”

As well as having to deal with Andrew’s distress a number of other parents began staring, whispering and pointing at Andrew.

Zabrina told that she has developed a thick skin so the judgmental attitudes didn’t faze her much however Andrew’s big sister Lexiy was hurt by the negative attention.

Lexiy said

“I didn’t feel good for Andrew,”

From this situation the little girl was determination to raise awareness of autism to make people realise that Andrew is not to blame for his condition.

Zabrina told of how Lexiy had approached her and said that she wanted to change it and that she wanted to raise money for autism.

Lexiy decided to make and sell “friendship bracelets” made of embroidery thread and Zabrina
started a Facebook page called Lexiy’s Autism Awareness

So far they have raised $26 toward their goal of $500.

The bracelets cost between $3 and $5. All proceeds go to Autism Canada, an organization that provides treatment and information to families living with autism.

The original article by Travis Mealing on the Simcoe County website can be found here