Let Autistic Girl Keep Her Dog!

taken from the care2petition page

taken from the care2petition page

Liverpool, UK – Charlie, who is a Jack Russell is being held in a Liverpool pound after he chased another dog and went missing during a walk in Everton Park. At the time the dog was being walked by Wayne Johnson. His daughter, Jessica, 13 owns Charlie. Jessica has autism.

The care2petition states that the pound ;

‘is demanding 100 pounds (about 168 dollars) to return Charlie to his family. Johnson, who is on Employment Support Allowance, does not have the money and only managed to raise 50 pounds.’

The petition is asking for the pound to release Charlie back to the family as he is needed to support Jessica.

‘the pound should make a special case and let him have the dog back for 50 pounds’

So far 60,028 signatures have been rasied. The target is 61,000

You can read and sign the petition on the care2petition site here