Left Behind – Felt Similiar to This is the End without the humor

leftbehindA man’s wife and son vanish along with millions of others. While the world reels from the cataclysmic event, the man bands with others who have been “left behind” to discover who or what is responsible for the disappearances.

This movie felt a little similar to the movie This is the End. It’s based on Judgement Day in the bible. The good people disappear and the others stay on Earth. Although I gotta say This is the End was funny. This was not the best movie but it wasn’t the worst. I liked Raymie ,Chloe, and Buck. Raymie was a cute little boy and I liked that he was so excited that his sister came home from college. He also has a cool ,and weird name. I liked Buck because how helpful he was. I don’t know how well I would be able to handle this if it actually happened. I would probably be as scared as all the people were. I felt bad for Chloe. It was a bad day for her. It was her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I have a feeling that in the next one it’s going to get worse.