Leeds Metropolitan University Secure Grant to Help Autistic Students Access Education

Leeds, UK -Dr Mark Fabri from Leeds Metropolitan University will lead researchers from the UK, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland for a three year project.

They will collaborate on a project which has received funding from the EU Lifelong Learning Programme to find out needs of students with high functioning autism starting their university career.

The knowledge gained will develop a digital support tool such as a website which can help support the autistic students as well as helping to inform their parents, lecturers and fellow students so that they too can help the student to reach their full potential.

Dr Fabri is quoted on the Lancaster Metropolitan University website as saying,

“Approximately 1% of people are somewhere on the autistic spectrum, but in UK HE it is only 0.08%. Autistic people are underrepresented in higher education and overrepresented in the statistics of those dropping out.”

The researchers involved in the project hope to have an active support tool ready to pilot at the end of the three years.

The original article can be read on the Leeds Metropolitan University Website here