Kyle Kilroy who has autism dreams of joining the military

Hagatna, Guam – Kyle Kilroy, has autism and recently graduated from George Washington High school report that one in 54 boys, and one out of 252 girls in the United States have the disorder.

Kyle told the newspaper:

“I have autism, but I am high-functioning. Other people don’t understand me sometimes because I don’t say much,”

While in school Kyle like every other student there had both good and bad experiences. He explained that his bad experiences included hitting or pushing someone when they teased him.

“My good experiences were hanging out with few friends, talking with them and goofing around.”

Kyle enjoys bowling on Saturdays, using the computer and going to the movies while his future plans include going to college and getting a job.

His biggest dream though is to join the military.

Kyle told that his his biggest achievement was becoming a master sergeant in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

Most of all Kyle said that in the future and in school that he wants his peers and other people to understand him

“I want them to understand me. If they want to ask me something, give me time to respond.”

He also added that students with developmental disabilities should just do their best and to not worry about children teasing, they should just ignore them.

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