Kirby Company helps teen with autism celebrate birthday

Image taken from the Kirby Company Facebook page

Image taken from the Kirby Company Facebook page

Chesterfield County, VA – A teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was given the usual yet much-appreciated birthday gift of a Kirby vacuum cleaner when he turned 14 this year. This story has touched the heart strings of many readers and has been talked about extensively in social media.

According to his mother Jodie, Dylan Green was never interested in playing with toys while growing up but has had an affinity for vacuum cleaners since he was a toddler. He has thus become a virtual expert on them by watching videos about the machines on his tablet.

As a result, his mother Jodie decided to present Dylan with a birthday surprise and contacted the Kirby vacuum company in order to make a special request for a salesman to conduct a demonstration in her home. Jodie’s email explaining that her son had special needs and that the demo would help to make Greene’s birthday celebration complete, prompted Kirby to do everything it could in order to make it a day that he would never forget.

The company not only sent Al Archie, one of their sales representatives, to their home, they also gifted Greene with a Kirby soccer ball,  hat and T-shirt in addition to a vacuum cleaner itself. Ultimately it proved to be an emotional moment for Greene and his family with Jodie stating:

“(After the demonstration) there was not a dry eye in the house.”

Source: Dallas Franklin on the News Channel 4 KFOR-TV website: Vacuum salesman invited to birthday for a child with autism, moves room to tears