Khushi Centre in Borivali, India provides autism therapy

Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre, Borivali, India – Founder, Dr. Reena Singh. The Centre providestherapy for children who have cerebral palsy, autism and learning disabilities and helps them to develop motor and verbal skills

Speaking to Bernita Fenando from the Free Press Journal, Dr Singh said:

“I wanted to bring happiness to their lives; not just a general kind of happiness but that which we all wish to experience in the lives of kids and the families,”

Dr. Singh who is an occupational therapist and a Verbal Behaviour Analyst founded Khushi in 2000 to empower those children with cerebral palsy and autism.

She continued to say that children with autism can appear like difficult children but that due to their autism they are trying to negotiate many different issues.

At Khushi the team of professionals use picture exchange communication, sensory integration and sign language as tools to aid development.

To date the Centre has catered for 2500 children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years.

The original article by Bernita Fenando in the Free Press Journal can be found here