Kansas health insurance mandate for autism treatment is shaping up

Kansas– Therapy for autism is not covered by health insurances in Kansas at this point in time but a new mandate is trying to change legislation to allow autistic children to have coverage.

Under the proposed mandate, Applied behavioural analysis and a range of behavioural therapies will be available and covered by the county’s health insurance program.

The Witchita Eagle feature Hollie Chtistiansen, mother of four year old Brody, who has had “four open-heart surgeries. Six heart catheterizations. Six different medicines. Hundreds of doctor appointments.”

Their insurance will not cover Brody’s behavioural therapy for autism.
She said:
“It was such a shock they weren’t going to pay for this. We had all the support we needed for medical, but we weren’t getting any support for the behavioural issues really affecting the quality of his life.”
The cost of an autism diagnosis for parents in the US is between $20-$40,000 per annum.