Justin Timberlake leads concertgoers in singing Happy Birthday to young boy with autism – with video

From the blog: http://themanifeststation.net/

From the blog: http://themanifeststation.net/

San Jose, CA – A youngster with ASD received the gift of music the day he turned 8 when Justin Timberlake and 25 000 of his fans sang a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” to him.

Julian Delan’s parents had decided to fulfill their son’s request to attend Timberlake’s concert for his birthday this year. His mother Marika feared that he would become over stimulated and questioned whether people in the crowd would be unkind to him due to being unaware of her son’s disability.

However, what Julian’s parents didn’t expect was for the singer to be told that it was the boy’s birthday by audience members who had heard the youngster excitedly announcing it to people nearby.

Ultimately, Julian’s birthday gift of music resulted in an unforgettable moment not only for him, but for his parents, Timberlake and the 25 000 virtual strangers who joyfully joined together for a common purpose: To make a young boy completely, undeniably and utterly happy.

Marika admits that her son has had an affinity for music since he was a baby and that it serves as a link that enables him to connect with others. In her blog she reveals:

“Last night, the world saw Julian and for the first time I think that Julian saw himself in the world.”


The full story can be read on Marika’s blog here.