Judy Cohen and Mindee Pinto co-authors of ‘Mikey’ – Part 2

Mindee with her brother Brad

Mindee with her brother Brad

Continuing from Part 1 here, Judy Cohen and daughter Mindee Pinto, are authors of “Mikey”.  The book educates both children and teachers about Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and how best to help these children.

Judy has worked with many children on the autism spectrum within, organizational, academic and social skill areas. In an exclusive interview with Autism Daily Newscast, Judy told us that she continues to educate their teachers regarding strategies and accommodations to make their school days as successful and positive as any other child in that classroom.

Judy told us that her daughter Mindee graduated as a speech pathologist and that after working with young children at Easter Seals, an early childhood centre, she went back to school to get her Masters in early childhood special education with a specialty in autism.

“She is a phenomenal teacher and a true advocate for each child in her classroom which helps her parents in so many ways.”

Mindee currently teaches in Rolling Meadows Illinois which an early childhood special education setting for 3-4 year olds.

What is very obvious is the close relationship that mother and daughter have.

Mindee, Michael and Jillian

Mindee, Michael and Jillian

“I learn as much from MIndee, as she has learned from me, we have a very close relationship, which I adore”

We asked Judy if they had any sequels planned for the book and she told us that they are about to begin the next book about Mikey which will see him involved in situations within the community.

“One major point we have learned through this journey with our book Mikey, is this. Even though I do not have a child on the spectrum, we all know many families impacted by autism.”

Judy ends by telling us:

“We want the world to know about Mikey and the lesson of acceptance, awareness and understanding of children on the autism spectrum.”

Mikey is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.