Jessica Katherine Ouderkirk’s school project on autism – touching others

New York, USA – Jessica Katherine Ouderkirk  a senior in High School recently took her presentation on the Autism Spectrum Disorder to various classes for two weeks as part of an Autism Awareness Project.

She then decided to load it on to You Tube.

Jessica’s decided to create another video which covered her own personal story. It is very personal and revealing what look into the experiences of preteens and teenagers.

At the time of this story going live, Jessica’s videos have only been viewed about 30 times each. The first one is a great “history lesson” while the second one is her personal journey.

Until Jessica was diagnosed at the age of 12 she tells about how “unhelpable” she thought she was. And she began to recede even further into depression and thoughts of suicide.  Jessica even made an attempt to use her Dad’s gun. This failed attempt led to her opening up about her challenges.

Jessica says in the second video that she is not sure how many people will watch her videos. Autism Daily Newscast hopes that you to take a look and encourage her in her dreams to become a lecturer some day.

Part 2 of Jessica’s video series can be found here.