Interview – Meet the new Young Patrons of Anna Kennedy Online

image taken from Anna Kennedy Online

image taken from Anna Kennedy Online

Can you tell me a little about your experience at Autism’s Got Talent?

Unfortunately, my mother has osteoarthritis. Sometimes it’s manageable and she’s able to do things – but sometimes she becomes immobile and bed bound. It was one of those occasions where she became bed bound and we were unable to attend.

I did however attend the Autism’s Got Talent press call at Pineapple Dance Studios. We spoke to the press with some of our celebrity supporters such as: Mitch Winehouse and George Gilbey. Ryan and I were officially announced as the AKO Young Patrons at that event.

Will you be involved with Wear it for Autism this year?

I will indeed! Anything to do with AKO, I’ll always be doing stuff in the background and always try to be there! I deal with AKO’s publicity alongside Boxed Out PR – whom since I do some work with. I love PR and am hoping to develop a full time job from it (all in good time!).

I’ll be booking other celebrities and press to attend – as we like to broaden our net as far as possible! Maybe someone will nominate me and I’ll get to go on stage? Who knows?! Everyone can still nominate until June 20th!

You are involved with many different projects, can you tell me a little about Flow Aid?

FlowAid is a campaign, Boxed Out PR and I have set up – to help homeless women have access to sanitary towels. We’ve only just founded the campaign, and have already had some amazing companies come on board to support us. Companies such as The Big Issue have come on board as official partners.

Ryan, image taken from Anna Kennedy Online

Ryan, image taken from Anna Kennedy Online

Ryan’s interview:

At what age did you discover your talent for acting and singing?

Well I’ve been singing songs, here and there, for as long as I can remember. I joined Sylvia Young part time classes when I was nine, where I found my love of acting. I taught myself to play guitar when I was ten and officially took up guitar lessons at the age of twelve.

Where can we see you perform now?

I’m currently rehearsing to take on the lead role of “Oliver!” for the second time; tickets are on sale now at
I’m also appearing as an extra in channel four’s “Man Down”, starting on June 1.

How did you become involved with AKO?

I first with Anna Kennedy Online, last May, where I performed at autisms got talent. I began going to several of their spectacular events and found myself getting more and more involved.

Can you tell me a little about your role as Young Patron?

I am so honoured to be a part of the charity but becoming a patron is a new level of amazing! It’s my job to think of new ways to raise awareness for autism and promote the charity itself.

What was it like to perform at Autism’s Got Talent?

Performing at AGT was wonderful. The atmosphere, the performers and the people involved just made everything so… Magical! Last year was amazing but this year was just spectacular!

It’s such a thrill and I would recommend everyone on the spectrum to audition!

What message would you give to other young people out there who have autism and who perhaps are struggling/facing challenges in their lives?

Living with autism can be very difficult. Most people with autism go through bullying at some point in their lives which can make life so hard. I’ve been there myself and know exactly what it’s like, to have people insulting you on how you look, act or how live your life.

Always remember that you are brilliant. Don’t let anyone tell you different. One day your brilliance might just change the world.

Below you can watch the highlights of Autism’s G0t Talent 2015

I would like to thank both Dermot and Ryan for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish them the best of luck in their new roles as Young Patron’s.

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