Indiana Colts seek to better accommodate fans with special needs

Indiana ColtsIndianapolis, Indiana – The Indiana Colts are developing measures specifically intended to accommodate their fans who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other special needs.

Many people on the spectrum find it difficult to attend sporting events and games due to the noise, lights and crowds as they are often in large stadiums. Parents are frequently concerned about their children becoming overwhelmed by the external stimuli which sometimes prevents them from being able to attend games.

However, recently the team recognized the importance of ensuring that all of their fans are provided with the opportunity to enjoy watching them play, and decided to take action.

The Colts therefore joined the ranks of other organizations who have chosen to send their employees to Damar Disability Needs Accreditation (DNA). DNA is a training program that helps people who work directly with the public to learn how to interact with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities effectively.

The team also made changes at Lucas Oil Stadium by creating specialized customer service areas which feature soundproof headphones and blankets. Dr. Jim Dalton, the president and CEO of DNA, fully supports the Colts’ efforts and praises them for recognizing the need for all of their fans to have the chance to have a fun day out and cheer on their team.

The original article by Paul Baker on the Stadium Journey website can be read here