Huntington Basketball coaches wear autism pins with pride

Huntington WV– College male basketball coaches have taken to wearing their autism lapel pins in a bid to heighten autism awareness.

The puzzle piece pin, purchased from Autism Speaks and worn for Autism Awareness day cased many viewers to ask questions during televised college male basketball games.

It was exactly the reaction friends Marshall Thundering Herd head coach Tom Herrion and Howson University coach Pat Skerry had anticipated, as they are both fathers of autistic sons.

In an interview with the Herald Dispatch online, Mr Herrion said:

“There’s a saying, ‘Autism Speaks. Well, college basketball coaches are listening.”

They sent around 200 pins out to coaches from around the USA, and they have been spotted in divions II and III of the game as well as being sported by some media moguls such as Dick Vitale, Jay Bilas and Seth Davis.

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