How music has helped a young man wtih autism


Darion Powers from Google Plus

Horicon, Wisconsin – Dawn Powers, talks openly about her son Darion, 17 who has autism and loves music. Dawn knew from an early age that something was going on with her young son. She told the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.

“They thought I was comparing the two, but you could just tell,” she said. “Darion wouldn’t look at you; you could clap your hands above him and he wouldn’t be startled, he wouldn’t respond to his voice, nothing, and it didn’t get any better.”

Dawn told that she noticed Darion’s musical interests at around 10-months-old.

“He would start humming, but not really humming, it was just a noise, but he would do it to the music,”

Dawn told of how music and singing has been a constant throughout Darion’s life and that his love for music has continuously grown, on his 16th birthday, his mum and dad bought him a guitar.

Darion said.

“I just always kind of found it cool, all kinds of instruments, just being able to play it,”

Darion learned how to play the guitar within a year without any lessons. Darion plays guitar and sings daily. He plays for at least 3 hours a day and has also written his own songs.

Dawn says:

“I’ve always been able to tell when he would sing it was just kind of a relieving feeling. No matter what we went through, the music just always made me smile. It made me feel good because it’s his way to shine.”

Darion auditioned for The Voice in Chicago and although he did not make it to the live show he told that the experience cemented for him the drive he has to pursue a career in music.

Dawn;s advice for other parents dealing with a child diagnosed with autism is to help them find what they’re excited and passionate about.

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re a bad parent,” Dawn said. “If you’re just looking out for your child and doing what’s best for your child, don’t ever give up; continue to try and find that light.”

You can follow Darion on his Facebook page here and see his latest YouTube upload below.