How HuffPo Blogger Emma Nicholson taught autistic son to swear

Emma and Ben

Emma and Ben

Emma Nicholson from Charlottesville Virginia caused ripples in the autism community with a Huffington Post blog  recently, where she explains why she taught her son to swear.

Autism Daily Newscast reporter, Jo Worgan, had a chat with Emma recently, part one of this interview can be found here.

 We asked Emma what her family and friends think about her teaching Ben to swear.

“They think it is great that I am giving Ben the same chance to blend in with his peers and they support us. His college-age sister is always happy to practice with him! I have always had an honest view of the world and know one day I won’t be around to protect and educate him. “

Emma continues:

“When Ben was little and very cute, people would criticize me for being so tough on him. I would respond ‘This cute little boy will be a 6-foot tall man one day. Will you be so protective of him then?’ Of course not, so while I can, I prepare him the best I know how.”

Emma explained to us that she didn’t realize that she needed to do this until Ben was subjected to abuse by his peers.

Ben and dogs”It is not even something that was on my radar as we do not use foul language in our household. My husband, who works with young adults, was very honest with me about how they actually speak to one another. There is a non-stated understanding that some words aren’t spoken at certain times and around certain people.”

Finally we asked Emma about what advice she would give to other parents out there?

She told us that life with autism is tough and that it causes much heartache and stress for the parents as well as for the child.

She ends by telling us:

“You have to find a way to make light moments. Laugh, sing, dance, whatever your child responds to. As for swearing, that is a personal decision. Ben does not swear inappropriately and knows when he can and cannot use certain words. That was the whole point of teaching him.”

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